Broadford at the Menin Gate


Students from Broadford Secondary College were honoured to lay a hand-made wreath at the Menin gate in the 100th Anniversary year of the armistice of the first World War.

In 2015, students from Broadford Secondary College were given the honour of laying a wreath at the Menin Gate. This did not proceed because of the trip cancellation due to a terrorist attack in Paris.

Hand Made Wreath
[BSC Hand Made Wreath]
In 2018, the students will return to the Menin Gate with the original wreath [cared for at school for three years] and complete the commitment made by the class of 2015.

This wreath consists of numerous hand-made fabric poppies which have been part of Broadford Secondary College’s contribution to the 5000 Poppie project


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  • SiennaH December 1, 2018 at 12:51 am

    I am Incredibly fortunate to have been given the opportunity to represent the college and Australia at the Menin Gate ceremony. I felt so honoured and proud carrying and laying the wreath on Tuesday night.

    An amazing experience and one that I will never forget.

  • Dave Mills November 30, 2018 at 4:51 pm

    As i viewed Menin Gate and watched the total respect displayed i had a chest full of pride and a few tears in the eyes. Well done to all!!!!!! The fallen would also be proud of the young Aussies so far from home remembering them.


  • Bill November 30, 2018 at 3:57 pm

    Words fail. Congratulations for the dignity and respect you have shown on behalf of everyone you are representing.

    I have no doubt this is a life-long memory that you will reflect on, always. To have such an honour in the 100th Anniversary Year of the Armistice is genuinely a privilege.

    A special word of thanks to Bryan Dennis and Kellie McKernan for providing such an opportunity for the Broadford Students. I don’t have any students/relatives on this tour but I recognise dedicated and committed teachers.

    Congratulations to all involved.


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